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About Wild Pointer:

We are 8200 veterans, based In Israel, Tel-Aviv, highly experienced in cybersecurity research and algorithms. We develop, learn and dive deep in every aspect of your needs.

High-quality technical research, as a standalone or integrable module, combining both theory and practice.

Building continuously maintained projects that suits all your needs end-to-end.

Creativity, Focus and Communication strive in us – we are people’ persons!

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Our Research Services

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Services For Businesses

Security Research

Web Security, Mobile Apps, Reverse Engineering, Linux Kernel Research and more.

Expert Solutions

Implementing research in-practice and academic papers that scale seamlessly within your pipelines.

Data Science Projects

Generating algorithmic pipelines based both on data and our vast cyber-experience.

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Services For Employees

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Want to learn from top-talents and become “cybersecurity ninja”? You’ve come to the right place!

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